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Coaching is not about teaching, but about creating the conditions necessary to learn and grow.



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Pablo Mora

· Master in Coaching & NLP

· Coach since 2005


Personal Coaching Barcelona

The Personal Coach help you:

· Make changes

· Achieve goals

· Increase self-confidence


Executive Coaching Barcelona

The Executive Coach help you:

· Facilitate Making Good Decisions

· Organize yourself better

· Be Effective / Efficient




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Welcome to Coaching Barcelona

Your coach since 2005 in Barcelona.


What is Personal Coaching?

Coaching and Goals

– The word ‘coaching’ derives from the English term ‘coach’ and means to train, prepare, instruct.

At a professional level, coaching is the relationship between two people in which a coach contributes to another (coachee) to achieve their goal (s).

This is done primarily through carefully chosen questions that help the coachee to properly pay attention and connect with his state of resources and motivation.

– Correct, but in order to carry out this task, what kind of training does a coach have to do?

– Any person who is prepared to work with other people and make a significant contribution to achieving their goals is worth to have a coach. Currently there is no training in the university for this profession but there are many courses that teach you how to prepare to be a coach”.

In my opinion, the best way is to study Psychology in the University (as is my case – University of Barcelona) and then specialize in this profession by doing specific Coaching courses.

What does a coach do?


– A coach contributes to the coachee (person need their services) to reach one or several objectives, which until now failed to achieve.

The coach will help the coachee to connect with / obtain the necessary resources / means to achieve their goals. To do this, you must know what skills and qualities are already available to the client, from there, develop these to the maximum.

Above all, the coach is responsible for the coachee to always put his feet on the ground (be realistic) and see perfectly what resources he has, what he can get, the opportunities that occured and also the possible difficulties that will be encountered on the road, and how you can overcome them. At all times, the coachee has to know what he is doing and why he is doing it, to be very clear about the steps he is taking, and on an ongoing basis, will tend to lead him to achieve his goal.

The coach also serves as a mirror in which the coachee is reflected. Thanks to him, he sees what his strengths and weaknesses are. If the coachee is not aware of their virtues and shortcomings, it is impossible to design a good plan that will lead us to achieve what we want (improve works, organize time better, no stress, lose weight, enjoy life more, etc).

– I understand, but I can not imagine who may need your “help”.

Coaching Realizes Your Potential

No one really needs a coach. All people have the potential and the necessary resources within them.

If in a certain moment of your life a person become stagnant, then a coach is needed. Or at times when a person feels “lost” or simply that the person prefers to have the support of a coach in his life to make it easier, more comfortable and satisfactory.




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